Visiting Rules and Expectations

Update March 27th, 2017
Be sure to bring money in the form of coins or single dollar bills. This money has to be placed in a clear plastic bag and limited to $30. If you don't bring money in you cant use the vending machines. The vending machines contain the type of food you would expect: potato chips, candy, coffee, drinks, food to be heated in the microwave, etc. Donna and Jill are fed like animals in prison and are thrilled to simply have a bag of potato chips or some beef jerky from the vending machine. They particularly like the beef jerky since they get no edible protein inside.

. A blank one can be found in the visiting processing room if you do not bring one with you.

In order to visit Danbury FPC/FCI your name must be on a list of approved visitors. This list is limited to 10 individuals outside of immediate family members. Children under the age of 16 do not need to be on the list but must be accompanied by an adult on the list.. Donna and Jill must submit your name and address for approval and you will receive a questionnaire that must be completed and returned to Danbury FPC/FCI. Your repsonse will be reviewed by Danbury staff and name added to the approved list accordingly. According to the handbook, this process takes (3) weeks to complete so please be patient. If you wish to be added to this list please contact Joel (for Donna) or Chris (for Jill). You may also send regular mail to either Donna or Jill.

From the Danbury Inmate Handbook

There is a limit of three (3) adult visitors per person at one time and 5 children unless prior approval is received from the Unit Manager. When the established capacity has been reached (unspecified), termination of visits will be as follows:

  • Frequency of visits
  • Friends opposed to family members
  • Distance traveled
  • You may get bumped out of the visiting room when it fills up. Priority will be placed on the aspects highlighted above but no order is given in the handbook.

    The following clothing apparel is inappropriate for visitors and they will be denied entrance: (1) see through clothing; (2) short-shorts (must be half-way down the thigh); (3) short mini-skirts or dresses (must be half-way down the thigh); (4) tight strength pants or shorts (no spandex type); (5) halter or tube tops; (6) midriff clothing exposing the abdomen area; (7) tan khaki clothing cannot be worn by female visitors; (8) white or grey sweat suit; (9) any clothing apparel considered to be provocative in nature; (10) strapless open toe shoes. Inmates are responsible for the conduct of the children visiting them. Inmate visitors will not be allowed to sit on inmate’s laps, this includes children and infants.

    What you can and can't bring in

    Visitors will be allowed to bring one small clear plastic bag containing authorized items i.e. money (no more than $30 per visitor), locker key or chit, medication needed for the visit. All medication, except that which is life supporting, is prohibited from the visiting area. Prescribed medications that are life supporting must be declared at the front entrance and will be kept at the officers’ station in the Visiting Room) Visitors having small children; whom require additional items for child care throughout the visit, may bring in only the following: 3 diapers, 2 clear bottles with formula or milk inside, 1 small baby blanket, 1 pacifier and a small amount of baby wipes. Female Visitors may bring in two (2) feminine pads or tampons.

    Visiting Hours

    • Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Sunday 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
    • Holidays 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

    Other Visitation Rules

    • Children under 16 are not permitted without adult supervision.
    • Kissing, embracing, and hand-shaking are allowed only upon arrival and departure.
      Displays of affection must be within the bounds of good taste. Physical contact during
      the visit is prohibited.
    • Visitors may not leave packages, gifts, or money for Donna or Jill
    • Visitors may not receive items from Donna or Jill.
    • If you wish to send money, please discuss this with Joel or Chris and send them the appropriate funds.
    • Visiting privileges may be denied or restricted for violation of Visiting Room
    • visitors are prohibited from bringing animals on institutional
      grounds unless the animal is a dog that assists disabled persons.

    Please be mindful of the rules and regulations as violating them could result in future restrictions on visitation rights for everyone.