Resentenced to Danbury FCI/FPC

Donna and Jill have both been resentenced and are currently incarcerated at Danbury Federal Corrections Institute (FCI) in the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) section. Visiting and contact information has been updated and will continue to be updated in the coming weeks. Sending money still functions the same way so the instructions on this website from 2014 are still valid and accurate. The phone system and email system (CorrLinks) also function the same as they did when Donna and Jill were at Alderson FPC.

Bail motion court date - MAY 6

Update: 5/6/2014 10:45AM EST
The court did not rule immediately on the motion for bail (this is not typical, usually the court will immediately rule). The ruling should come quickly, as early as this afternoon but possibly in a few days. A notice will be posted as soon as news arrives.

Our bail motion will be heard in the 2nd circuit court of appeals on Tuesday, May 6th at 10am.

Appeal Brief Filing - Documents Online

Updated : 5/5/2014

On March 24th, Donna and Jill jointly filed briefs in the United States 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. We have made these documents available for download from this site and encourage everyone to download and read them. Please see the following links:


We've posted a few photos from Alderson and more will be added to the gallery page.


Holiday Visiting Schedule

Note that we do not yet have a holiday visiting schedule for 2014. Below is the 2013 holiday schedule for reference only

CorrLinks Inmate Email System

Donna and Jill can communicate using the inmate email system provided by CorrLinks, a 3rd party website. The system is easy to use and provides direct email communication to either Donna or Jill.

In order to connect to either of them through CorrLinks, the following must occur:

Sending Money

Sending money is a simple process and done through Western Union at You will be required to create a free account by clicking here or navigating to the website and finding the "Register" button in the upper right hand corner. Go do that now and return to these instructions when you are finished.

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