CorrLinks Inmate Email System

Donna and Jill can communicate using the inmate email system provided by CorrLinks, a 3rd party website. The system is easy to use and provides direct email communication to either Donna or Jill.

In order to connect to either of them through CorrLinks, the following must occur:

  • Email either Chris (for Jill) or Joel (for Donna) with your email address so they can pass this on. Include your street address in the email. This has to be registered by Donna and/or Jill when adding you to CorrLinks
  • Donna or Jill must send you an initial email through CorrLinks to a personal email account.
  • You will receive an email from CorrLinks indicating that an inmate has requested to add you to their list of contacts.
    IMPORTANT!! - CorrLinks emails are flagged as spam by almost all email providers. You need to check your spam/junkmail folder to check for this email. The sender will be CorrLinks and the subject will be "Inmate: PLATT, JILL" or "Inmate: BELLO, DONNA".
  • This initial email from CorrLinks will direct you to the CorrLinks website and provide you with an identification code to enter to verify your identity and establish communication. You will have to create free CorrLinks account if you have not already done so.
  • Once this is done you have established a path of communication using CorrLinks. All further communication will occur through this website. CorrLinks will send you an email to your personal account when you receive a new email from an inmate but the message itself must be retrieved through the CorrLinks website.

Note that at least Jill would prefer that frequent communication occurs using CorrLinks. The inmate telephone system is somewhat expensive and this method is much preferred from a financial perspective given their limited maximum monthly spending restraints.