Sending Money

Sending money is a simple process and done through Western Union at You will be required to create a free account by clicking here or navigating to the website and finding the "Register" button in the upper right hand corner. Go do that now and return to these instructions when you are finished.

Once you have an account, simply follow this link for a shortcut to the appropriate form:

You will need to enter in the prison name and the amount.

Special note about dollar amounts. $300 is the limit per-transaction. Donna and Jill can receive unlimited funds to their account(s) but in no more than $300 increments. If you wish to send more than this amount you can send multiple transactions, each charging a fee (of course!).

Make sure you select the facility name "FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS" from the location dropdown list.

The next screen will allow you select source fund method:

  • Debit card (only method available through the website)
  • Cash (in person at a Western Union branch)
  • Debit card (by phone)
  • Debit card (via mobile app)

Select Debit Card under the ONLINE heading, the first choice. This will bring you to the recipient form.

  • Jill's account #: 20994014PLATT
  • Donna's account#: 20995014BELLO

Ensure there are no dashes or spaces in the 3rd field, "Inmate's account number and last name". Use the account numbers exactly as printed above.
Click Continue and you will be given a receipt. That's all there is to it.