Appeal Brief Filing - Documents Online

Updated : 5/5/2014

On March 24th, Donna and Jill jointly filed briefs in the United States 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. We have made these documents available for download from this site and encourage everyone to download and read them. Please see the following links:

The following is a general timeline of the events to come:

  • We have filed bail motions to release both Donna and Jill from prison pending the outcome of the appeal.
  • The government has filed an argument against granting bail, as is standard procedure.
  • We will be heard in court on May 6th at 10pm (see calendar) for brief oral arguments. The court will then decide whether or not they are granted bail during this process.
  • The government will have 90 days from 3/24 to prepare a brief rebutting our appeal arguments.
  • Upon receipt, the court of appeals will assign a date for oral argument, we expect this to be sometime in September/October.
  • The court of appeals will issue a ruling on the case 6 months to 1 year after the oral arguments (March 2015-October 2015)

There are several factors that can have an impact on this schedule but this is our general outlook.